It’s quite easy to make your own preserved lemons at home. All you’ll need is some kosher salt, a jar, and 6-8 small lemons (organic is preferred as you’ll be eating the peel).

The batch that I have prepared here is my second, so I’m no expert. However it doesn’t take much effort or skill.

This time I used the often suggested Meyer lemon known for its sweetness and bright lemon fragrance. The peels are softer, too, making it easy to flex them into the jar.

I look the lemons over, separating out the few with less desirable looking peels, saving them to be juiced and poured in over the preserved lemon wedges.

Then I slice up the lemon wedges in half and then again, into quarters, and place them into a clean jar with a locking lid.

I sprinkle a bit of salt over the first layer of wedges before adding more lemon.
Layer until the jar is full, sprinkle on a bit more kosher salt and add the lemon juice.


And that’s it! The last ingredient is time. Since it’s so easy to make preserved lemons it must be easy to find some Moroccan recipes that call for them, right?



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