I go through a lot of hot sauce at home. Really. It gets to be expensive.

I realized that many hot sauces are fermented, like Tabasco and Sriracha. Why not make my own?

Here’s what I do: I take a variety of fresh appealing chile peppers, wash them, and pop the stems off. I recommend wearing gloves for this, as peppers vary in piquancy and some will sting your skin. If I forego the gloves my hands won’t sting, but then I will touch my face at some point and it’ll burn like crazy even after repeated hand washings.

I put the peppers into the blender. I blend for a brief moment before I add some filtered water.



Next, I add a bit of salt and a pinch of sugar.

The first time I made this hot sauce it took about nine days to ferment. Now what I do is take the remaining sauce from the previous batch and add it to the current hot sauce, like a starter, to make it ferment faster. The previous batch was mostly Fresno chiles and garlic.


Sometimes I add more garlic, or no garlic at all. Sometimes a bit of sugar goes into the mix. I pick my peppers based on availability, so the ferment is constantly shifting, which is great because my taste changes too.

This week the starring peppers are Serrano, jalapeño and habanero! A greener version of what I typically make.


One more tip for those of you who hate blender clean up:
Take that sucker and fill it up with some soap and water and blend it until clean, then rinse!


Don’t consume. Haha!


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